Types of Spanish Bread

If you're a bread lover, you need to try Spanish bread! With a wide assortment of flavors and textures, there's something for everyone. Each region of Spain has their own unique spin on this classic staple, making the options truly endless. From sweet to savory, crunchy to chewy, there's no shortage of delicious bread options to explore.

One of the most popular types of Spanish bread is the famous crusty baguette known as the "pan gallego". Originating from the northwest region of Galicia, this bread is made from a mixture of wheat and rye flour, giving it a slightly sour taste and dense texture. It's perfect for dipping in soup or served alongside a charcuterie board.

Another popular bread, commonly found in the Catalonia region, is "pa de vidre", or "glass bread". This bread is unique for its incredibly thin and crispy texture, similar to a cracker. It's perfect for spreading with tomato and olive oil or used as a base for toppings like smoked salmon or Spanish ham.

No matter which type of Spanish bread you try, you're sure to be in for a treat. Each variety is unique and delicious, so take the time to explore and find your new favorite!

Shane Jones

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